Date: 2012-08-25 03:41 pm (UTC)
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I routinely ended up with sets of changes that I knew did not conflict, but could not be merged or rebased or even cherry-picked from my branch into the release branch.

That's very surprising to me - the situation you describe sounds like what rebase is meant for! Could you please explain in a little more detail?

there are actually four distinct states

Well, kinda. For your stages 3 and 4, it's more accurate to say that a commit may or may not be present in a given repo. Pushing takes commits from your working repo and sends them to the upstream repo; they may then be pulled into other repos. So the number of "states" is more like 2 + 2^n (working copy, index, subsets of the number of repos in play). But I don't think that that's a useful way of thinking of it.

I found it a lot easier to not try to make sense of it and do my best to just accept it.

I think the overall message of your story is the opposite - you caused yourself a lot of pain by resisting learning about how Git works and trying to use it as if it were SVN. I'd encourage anyone reading this to understand Git's (beautifully simple and elegant) model. Then everything makes sense, even the command names! Branch management, for instance, is easy once you realise that branches are just named autoincrementing pointers into the history DAG. I found mjd's git talk very useful; Git from the Bottom Up is also good.

Many of my common use cases were tedious (e.g., commit all my modified files)

You probably know this, but you want git commit -a. I have this aliased to gca in my shell.
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