Date: 2013-05-17 08:44 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I never found TWSS said lasciviously to work as a joke. It kind of crosses into creepy. It took me forever to even realize it *could* be some kind of sexual thing, because it always struck me more as pointing out the unintentional entendre. Like, you know, a sign that says "MUFF $12, TAILPIPE $19!". (actual sign along highway 19 in clearwater circa 1994 or so.) Or someone doing a video about how to clean your (mouse) balls, who never uses the word "mouse". Then insists there's no way what they said could be entendre. At which point, the laughter is almost lethal.

There's two ways i've found it to be reasonably funny.

1) Used sparingly and spoke just loudly enough so that maybe one other person can hear you. preferably in a situation where laughing would not be appropriate. Because as everyone knows, if you are in a situation where you are absolutely positively Not Supposed To Laugh, and the room is full of Very Serious People saying Very Serious Things, then double entendre is guaranteed to happen about every fourth sentence, and not laughing starts to approach impossible.

2) Beavis and Butthead it, using it so relentlessly and nonsensically that it is funny because it makes no sense whatsoever. Like sitting in an office saying "You said 'What'". "It's a nice day outside" "TWSS" "What?" "TWSS" "are you going crazy?" "TWSS" and so on. It almost becomes a form of in person trolling. this one clearly works better outside of work.

Personally I prefer 1), because after about 20 minutes in A Very Serious Meeting, I'm desperate for some illicit laughter to keep from going comatose. When the 65-year old CEO starts saying things like "We'll have to use both hands on this one", or "We're going to ride this baby hard", well, TWSS is pretty much guaranteed to start chain laughter.
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